For Barcelona and Real Madrid, the two clubs are hoping to enhance midfielder this summer, Barcelona midfielder has been criticized this season. In addition, there are news that Real Madrid midfielder Modric may leave the summer this summer. SportsKeeda news that Ali's transfer fee may reach more than 70 million pounds, but this may be for the Red Army striker Kutiniao dig 75 million pounds of Barcelona, ??perhaps with Ali has been beyond the club's budget Blake Comeau Jersey. Tottenham this season, impressive record, got the league runner-up, although Inter Milan plans to horn Bocetino, but according to the "Daily Mail" message, in an interview, wave handsome clear that he will not leave Tottenham, But the British "Sun" was informed that Dell, Ross and Walker three main intention to bid farewell to Tottenham Scott Harrington Jersey, which may be expected to be Bocetino. Since the new season Olli Maatta Jersey, Ozil, Sanchez and Arsenal's contract has become the focus of media attention Matt Cullen Jersey, the end of last year, the media broke the news that Ozil and Sanchez ask for a weekly salary of 300,000 pounds, although the gunmen are not bad money, But for the two requests were given a refusal. Arsenal club rarely invested heavily in the transfer market, and in the renewal of the players are also very generous, while close to the Premier League top salary price renewal of the two core, which is difficult to accept the high level of Arsenal. In recent days, the British media "squawka" to data-based, according to the different characteristics of the two had a big hole in the pre-sentence, if Arsenal can only keep one of Ozil or Sanchez, who is more importance?