Boss finally stressed that Ajax will play in the finals of the beautiful football, "Mirror" that this is ridiculing Mourinho's play: "We will not be afraid of pressure and opponents Phil Kessel Jersey, we play is feast for the eyes of football Daniel Winnik Jersey, Not only to please the fans, but also bring success, this is Ajax football, we will from the first minute to the last minute in each area of ??the stadium to exert pressure on each other, big attack offensive football, I will feel for these young players proud! Once Keane joined, Smolin in the Manchester United appearance will be ranked in Keane, Bailey and Jones Scott Harrington Jersey, the Red Devils became the fourth choice. The media believes that the tough situation in the Red Devils will make Smolling make the decision to leave the team. After all, Smolling this year Sidney Crosby Jersey, only 28 years old, is in a professional player football career peak period, the England international can not stay on the bench to survive. Barcelona lineup now needs fresh blood, and next season after the new office will have a new tactical thinking. The new coach will also be with the club's athletic director to arrange the team lineup, to that time, there will be players will leave. However, I do not think that when Barcelona needs 3-5, or even six players, they are willing to drop 90 million pounds for a player. But it all depends on which player left the team.