Because Ali has made it clear that he would like to play with Messi, so Barcelona has been in the battle of Ali occupied the upper hand. In addition, it is also worth noting that this week, Dortmund only 20-year-old striker Osman - Deng Beilei also said that in Barcelona and Real Madrid Bobby Farnham Jersey, he is more willing to join Barcelona, ??because he did not want to play with C Luo. In an interview with the Chinese media Daniel Sprong Jersey, Oscar publicly called former teammate Diego - Costa came to the Chinese league to play, but Fabregas is reluctant DC Great, in his view, if Costa really left Stamford Bridge, then their own Will be very sad. Oscar is currently playing the Shanghai team in Shanghai, the Brazilians have also been integrated into the Super League, and Costa and Tianjin righteousness came the scandal Sidney Crosby Jersey, when it comes to the former Blues teammates, Oscar said, "I am I can only say that he is enjoying the life in China Phil Kessel Jersey, everyone should know what they want, I believe that came to China is my best answer.If Costa comes, then this Is his pursuit of happiness, I will feel happy for him, I hope everyone is happy.