Ajax defeated Lyon's European semi-final lineup total worth only 1700 pounds, and Manchester United formed a huge contrast, often sent nine U21 players Boss stressed that Mourinho did not complain about any reason: "If I Said it would be an ordinary game, people would laugh, because it was certainly not an ordinary game, but my players no matter how young they are, they will not be afraid of them this season has experienced a major game, For example, for Feyenoord, for example, in the UEFA quarterfinal battle out of Schalke 04 (10 people attack scored 2 goals), we will take all the experience to Stockholm. Smolling last season in Manchester United is still the main force in the last season's Premier League has been 35 appearances, playing time is 3150 minutes. After Mourinho came to Manchester United, Smolling was the team's main player Tom Barrasso Jersey, but in November last year, Manchester United and Swansea after the game Mourinho criticized Smolling, he thought Smolling because Some minor illnesses take the initiative to show that the practice can not be contested: "Some people are willing to pay any price to play Kevin Porter Jersey, some people are a little sick and sick to complain. In this matter Kris Letang Jersey, Smolin in the hearts of Mourinho's position appeared to decline. British media "The Times" that the current Mourinho is buying Burnley's guard Keane, the media optimistic that the deal is very smooth Blake Comeau Jersey, the Red Devils is expected to 25 million pounds to sign the defender.