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Ajax defeated Lyon's European

Le 22 mai 2017, 11:18 dans Humeurs 0

Ajax defeated Lyon's European semi-final lineup total worth only 1700 pounds, and Manchester United formed a huge contrast, often sent nine U21 players Boss stressed that Mourinho did not complain about any reason: "If I Said it would be an ordinary game, people would laugh, because it was certainly not an ordinary game, but my players no matter how young they are, they will not be afraid of them this season has experienced a major game, For example, for Feyenoord, for example, in the UEFA quarterfinal battle out of Schalke 04 (10 people attack scored 2 goals), we will take all the experience to Stockholm. Smolling last season in Manchester United is still the main force in the last season's Premier League has been 35 appearances, playing time is 3150 minutes. After Mourinho came to Manchester United, Smolling was the team's main player Tom Barrasso Jersey, but in November last year, Manchester United and Swansea after the game Mourinho criticized Smolling, he thought Smolling because Some minor illnesses take the initiative to show that the practice can not be contested: "Some people are willing to pay any price to play Kevin Porter Jersey, some people are a little sick and sick to complain. In this matter Kris Letang Jersey, Smolin in the hearts of Mourinho's position appeared to decline. British media "The Times" that the current Mourinho is buying Burnley's guard Keane, the media optimistic that the deal is very smooth Blake Comeau Jersey, the Red Devils is expected to 25 million pounds to sign the defender.

Boss finally stressed that Ajax will play

Le 22 mai 2017, 11:18 dans Humeurs 0

Boss finally stressed that Ajax will play in the finals of the beautiful football, "Mirror" that this is ridiculing Mourinho's play: "We will not be afraid of pressure and opponents Phil Kessel Jersey, we play is feast for the eyes of football Daniel Winnik Jersey, Not only to please the fans, but also bring success, this is Ajax football, we will from the first minute to the last minute in each area of ??the stadium to exert pressure on each other, big attack offensive football, I will feel for these young players proud! Once Keane joined, Smolin in the Manchester United appearance will be ranked in Keane, Bailey and Jones Scott Harrington Jersey, the Red Devils became the fourth choice. The media believes that the tough situation in the Red Devils will make Smolling make the decision to leave the team. After all, Smolling this year Sidney Crosby Jersey, only 28 years old, is in a professional player football career peak period, the England international can not stay on the bench to survive. Barcelona lineup now needs fresh blood, and next season after the new office will have a new tactical thinking. The new coach will also be with the club's athletic director to arrange the team lineup, to that time, there will be players will leave. However, I do not think that when Barcelona needs 3-5, or even six players, they are willing to drop 90 million pounds for a player. But it all depends on which player left the team.

For Barcelona and Real Madrid

Le 22 mai 2017, 11:18 dans Humeurs 0

For Barcelona and Real Madrid, the two clubs are hoping to enhance midfielder this summer, Barcelona midfielder has been criticized this season. In addition, there are news that Real Madrid midfielder Modric may leave the summer this summer. SportsKeeda news that Ali's transfer fee may reach more than 70 million pounds, but this may be for the Red Army striker Kutiniao dig 75 million pounds of Barcelona, ??perhaps with Ali has been beyond the club's budget Blake Comeau Jersey. Tottenham this season, impressive record, got the league runner-up, although Inter Milan plans to horn Bocetino, but according to the "Daily Mail" message, in an interview, wave handsome clear that he will not leave Tottenham, But the British "Sun" was informed that Dell, Ross and Walker three main intention to bid farewell to Tottenham Scott Harrington Jersey, which may be expected to be Bocetino. Since the new season Olli Maatta Jersey, Ozil, Sanchez and Arsenal's contract has become the focus of media attention Matt Cullen Jersey, the end of last year, the media broke the news that Ozil and Sanchez ask for a weekly salary of 300,000 pounds, although the gunmen are not bad money, But for the two requests were given a refusal. Arsenal club rarely invested heavily in the transfer market, and in the renewal of the players are also very generous, while close to the Premier League top salary price renewal of the two core, which is difficult to accept the high level of Arsenal. In recent days, the British media "squawka" to data-based, according to the different characteristics of the two had a big hole in the pre-sentence, if Arsenal can only keep one of Ozil or Sanchez, who is more importance?

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